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How it all started

After decades of experience, Hans Weijers founded Sleeve Technology in 2009, and within the following years, the company grew tremendously. It all started with manufacturing and shipping replacement parts and rebuilt sleeve machines. Within one year the first employee was hired to help us develop an operating system for the first Sleeve Technology shrink sleeve machine. And in a matter of months the first in-house shrink sleeve machine was built. That is what we call progress.

How it started

Our first office

With the tremendous growth within the first couple of years, the location where it all started became too small, and therefore a new location had to be found. In 2012, Sleeve Technology moved from Helmond to the new location in Deurne. The new location gave us a clean, well-organized building with enough space for offices, meeting rooms, and a sufficient place to manufacture the shrink sleeve equipment to provide our customers with the perfect sleeve solutions they required.

First office

Our current headquarters

Five years later, in 2017, we exceeded the space once more, which called for the search for a new headquarters. We built our new headquarters from the ground up, which allowed us to work even more productively and maintain the level of quality our customers expects from us. But it also allowed us the chance to keep developing without worrying about moving again. The new locations still gave us the possibility to expand our workspace if necessary.


The start of the Sleeve Technology Group

With a new headquarters in the Netherlands and clients all over the world. We started looking for an even better way to help our customers. And that is why we began the Sleeve Technology Group with a new office in Mexico, which we opened in 2018, and a new office in the United States, which we opened in 2020. With offices in The Netherlands, Mexico, and the United States, we could help our customers even quicker due to providing spare & ware parts, local service, and a point of contact.

Sleeve Technology Group

A sustainable way of working

With the current environmental concerns, we all need to pitch in and work hard to maintain the earth’s health. And that is why we became sustainable in 2020. We don’t use any gas when producing our machines, and our machines do not use any water cooling. And with the solar panels on our roof, we pitch in to maintain the earth’s health.


A bright future ahead of us

We are committed to continuing to provide sleeving solutions and services at the same, if not higher, level as in prior years and to develop in the future. So we can assist our partners. That is why, in 2022, we will double the size of our headquarters in the Netherlands.

There is a bright future ahead of us, and you are welcome to join our journey. Get in touch!


Our clients

We are proud to have helped our clients upgrade their production line with high-quality shrink-sleeve machines. Find an overview of some of the clients whom we have helped with the best sleeving solutions.