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Hot Air Tunnel

The sleeve technology hot air tunnel is a high-quality hot air tunnel, perfect for shrinking tamper evident and dual-pack sleeves. This hot air tunnel is modular and is adaptable to meet the requirements for all production speeds. Each module of this hot air tunnel has its separate heat control to ensure the perfect shrink onto your product.
To shrink full body sleeves we prefer to use a steam tunnel, if due to restrictions this isn’t possible we can also adapt this modular hot air tunnel to fulfil your needs.
To benefit the production, the nozzle height and width are settable from the outside. Next to that, the tunnel is excellently isolated by using double sheeting. The tunnel is made from a fully polished stainless-steel housing which is robust and very hygienic. In other words, this tunnel in combination with a Sleeve Technology applicator (other sleeve applicators are also possible) will provide reliable and constant shrinking results for years.

Machine specifications

Machine speeds: 50-400 products/minutes**
Sleeve thickness: 40-70 micron
Maximum bottle height: 360 mm
Tunnel length: To be determined
Materials: PET/OPS/PVC/Alfa film
Warranty: 2 years**

*Depending on the product.
**From the date of delivery on general construction failures and failures in parts supplied by third parties.

Hot Air Tunnel

Custom made sleeve solutions

Our sleeve application machines are specially designed to seamlessly integrate into your production line.

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    We are proud to have helped our clients upgrade their production line with high-quality shrink-sleeve machines. Find an overview of some of the clients whom we have helped with the best sleeving solutions.