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Sleeve Applicator HSSA 2000 & Steam Tunnel HSS6000

The Sleeve Technology HSSA 2000 Applicator is the newest flagship machine on the market. It’s an unique and highly ergonomic design to help you reach your goals. The newest complete servo-controlled machine is specially made for full/partial body application on high speed.
Being exceptionally efficient, the HSSA 2000 applicator makes delivering a continuous stream of products to the market an easy job. The polished stainless-steel housings and conveyors are hygienic and are designed specifically for the user. All the high precision components of the machine are controlled with one easy-to- use 15” touch-screen control panel which is the beating heart of the machine.

Machine specifications

Machine speeds: 50-800 products/minute*
Sleeve thickness: 30-60 micron
Product sizes: Ø 20-200 mm
Cut length: 20-400 mm
Lay flat widths: 64 to 320 mm
Materials: PET/OPS/PVC/Alfa film
Warranty: 2 years**

*Depending on the product.
**From the date of delivery on general construction failures and failures in parts supplied by third parties.


  • Software is in PackML
  • HMI includes user access management (every parameter every button can be set to a certain level)
  • HMI includes audit trail. (All actions of all users are logged and saved)
  • HMI includes performance of the machine
  • HMI includes performance of reject station. (How many rejects and what reason)
  • Communication to Rockwell and Siemens are no problem
  • All fault codes can be made available to a main PLC or main PC.
  • Our machine can be controlled by a main PLC or main PC. (start/stop/pause)
  • Remote control is standard. (If customer gives us access)
  • HMI includes a PDF reader so any data (electrical scheme’s, manuals) can be stored into the HMI.
  • Each page of parameters includes instructions and explanation.

Custom made sleeve solutions

Our sleeve application machines are specially designed to seamlessly integrate into your production line.

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    Our clients

    We are proud to have helped our clients upgrade their production line with high-quality shrink-sleeve machines. Find an overview of some of the clients whom we have helped with the best sleeving solutions.